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Yellow Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Bow Roller End Bell for 3 inch Bow Roller

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Yellow Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Bow Roller End Bell for 3 inch Bow Roller
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This is an End Bell for 3-inch  yellow Bow Rollers made in PVC or Poly Vinyl.  Using Bells on the End of your Bow Roller gives the Roller a deeper 'V' for a better fit to more angled Hull designs, and allows the roller to make contact with the bow of your boat both inside the Roller Bracket Arms and outside of the Roller Bracket Arms.  These Bells further aid in the loading and unloading of your boat that the roller already gives.  The Center bore diameter in this bell is 1/2 inch, so be sure to use a longer 1/2 inch Boat Trailer Roller Shaft or Trailer Bolt depending on your setup.

This Boat Trailer Roller End Bell is designed to be paired with the 3-inch Yellow Polyvinyl Bow Roller for Boat Trailer Winch Post.  This is for a single Boat Roller End Cap/Bell in case you have one that needs replacing, if you are creating your own Boat Trailer Bow Roller Kit you would need 2 of these bells though, one for each end.  Remember to use a longer Trailer Bolt or Roller Shaft when adding End Caps or Bells to your Rollers.  This Bell requires a 1/2 inch Bolt to fit through its center bore. Alternatively, we have a Complete Assembly of the 3 inch Yellow Roller with 2 End Bells as a convenient way to replace the entire Roller or add one to your trailer for the first time. The 3 inch Boat Trailer Roller is made of the same top quality PVC or Poly Vinyl that our Blue and Yellow Rollers are made from and it won't mark up your boat or dry rot in the sun like rubber does.  

- Will not Dry Rot, or mark your boat
- Durable Yellow Polyvinyl Construction
- 1/2 inch bore
- Matches the standard 3 inch PVC bow rollers
- 3 1/4 inch diameter to 4 3/4 inch diameter on the larger end

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