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Trailer Axle Spindle For 3500 lb Axle #84 Weld On 1 1/2 inch Round

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Trailer Axle Spindle For 3500 lb Axle #84 Weld On 1 1/2 inch Round


Trailer Spindle Castle Nut 1-14 [+$3.31]
Trailer Spindle 1 Round Washer [+$1.58]
Trailer Spindle Cotter Key for Securing Castle Nut [+$0.49]
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This 3500 lb #84 steel trailer axle spindle is sized to fit 1 1/16 inch by 1 3/8 inch bearing combination hubs and includes a 1 1/2" diameter round weld-on butt end, perfect for idler axles. The steel spindle is designed to build a straight trailer axle from scratch, or weld into axle tubing to replace a damaged or unusable spindle. In most circumstances, a trailer axle becomes damaged from rust, or from impact while trailering. This spindle accommodates the standard 3500 lb hub bearing combination 1 1/16 (44649) x 1 3/8 (68149) and has a 1.72-inch inner diameter seal surface. The spindle comes with an Accu Lube grease fitting installed, so you can simply attach a grease gun to the zerk and relubricate your hubs bearings without disassembling the hub. This spindle would be perfect for an idler axle, or for a trailer that does not require a braking system, as the spindle does not have a pre-welded brake flange.

If you need to complete your axle repair build with hubs you can use our Galvanized 3,500 lb Trailer Hub Kit or if you plan on reusing your existing hubs you will just need our 3,500 lb #84 Bearing Kit. This spindle assembly does not use a cotter key, so you will need to use either a D Shaped Tang Spindle Washer or a Spindle Castle Nut Cage to secure your 1 inch Spindle Nut (not included) into place. This spindle is perfect for an experienced trailer repairer to rebuild or replace their straight braked trailer axle!

- 3500-pound steel #84 axle spindle
- 1 1/16" (44649 bearing) x 1 3/8" (68149 bearing) combination
- 1.72" Inner Diameter seal surface
- Weld-on butt end measures 1 1/2 inch diameter x 2 1/2 inch Length
- EZ Lube greasable zerk fitting

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