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Red Reflector Oblong Oval Side Marker

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Red Reflector Oblong Oval Side Marker
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Over time, a trailers reflector can become worn, or the lens can get dirty and obscure the reflective film beneath and the Trailer Reflector should be replaced for safety concerns.  This Red Oblong or Oval Boat Trailer Reflector is great in those situations, or if you need to install a new Reflector to your Boat Trailer.  This Red FMVSS Compliant Trailer Reflector comes with an adhesive backing so you can surface mount it directly to your trailer, just clean the mounting location well before installation, or the 2 mounting holes can be used to secure it to your trailer as well (hardware is not included).  

FMVSS Compliant
4 1/2 x 1 13/16 x 5/16
Red Oblong/Oval Design
3m Adhesive, or Install using the mounting Screws. 

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