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Painted Steel Boat Trailer Equalizer Bar 7 3/4 inch EQ-E1 Rocker Bar

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Painted Steel Boat Trailer Equalizer Bar 7 3/4 inch EQ-E1 Rocker Bar


(3)- 1/2 Diameter Spring Bushing (+$5.79)
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This black painted steel 7 3/4 inch tandem axle equalizer bar or pivot bar is a common replacement for tandem utility and freshwater boat trailers. The equalizer bar is constructed with black painted steel, perfect for land trailers and some freshwater trailers not exposed to saltwater environments. The pivot bar measures 7 3/4 inches from center to center on the bottom holes, with a height of 2 7/8 inches from center of the top hole to center of the bottom holes. You will typically see this equalizer bar on tandem axle trailers running 3,500 lb 5 lug axles with springs measuring 1 3/4 inches wide.

The purpose of equalizer bars is to keep the weight of the trailer evenly distributed across the two axles, so the suspension can articulate as the trailer moves and pivot the bar to keep the load distributed, rather than bearing down hard on just one of the axles. The pre-installed 9/16" ID bushings are used commonly on land trailers and utility trailers, but if you are planning to use this rocker bar on your boat trailer you will probably need three Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Bushings 11/16" OD x 1/2" ID.

- Black Painted Steel EQ-E1 7 3/4 in Length Equalizer Bar
- Pre-pressed 9/16 inch inner diameter nylon bushings
- Commonly used on tandem axle trailers with 3,500 lb axles

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