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Boat Trailer Light Wiring Harness 4 Flat 35ft Full Length Ground Wires

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Boat Trailer Light Wiring Harness 4 Flat 35ft Full Length Ground Wires
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This Boat Trailer Wiring Harness features 35ft long Wires, including the ground wires,m which are normally shorter than the rest.  With these lengths, you could run power to all the lights on a longer Trailer, or all the way to your Guide Pole Lights.  This is a Wishbone Style Harness so installation is a breeze.  Each side of the trailer (Left and Right Side) has a Brown Wire for the Running Lights on that Side of the trailer, paired with that side's Turn Signal/Brake Light (Either the Yellow Wire for the Left Side of the Trailer, or the Green Wire for the Right Side of the Trailer), as well as a White Ground Wire.  Just send the Side with the Yellow, Brown and White Wires down the left side of your trailer, and the side with the Green, Brown, and White wires down the right side of your trailer, and join your existing light wires into the harness using a waterproof connector like Heat Shrink, or Marine Grade Trailer Butt Connectors.

This harness features a 4 flat connector, which is typically used on brand new trailers that don't have Disc Brakes, or, if your trailer wiring is frayed or worn out and you're looking to redo your trailers wiring, this product is great for any trailer with No braking system installed.  If your trailer has Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you would likely need a 5 Flat connector in order to power the Lockout Solenoid when the tow vehicle is put into reverse.  

The Functions of the different wires on a 4 Flat or 4 Pin Trailer Wiring Connector are: (White = Ground) (Brown = Running Lights, left and right side in this wishbone set up) (Yellow = Left Turn Signal and Left Brake Light) (Green = Right Turn Signal and Right Brake Light.) 

Many Boat Trailers are Aluminum, which is great for corrosion resistance, but not so great for grounding your electronics.  Most Trailer Wire Kits will have a shorter lead on the Ground wire, and are designed to have the Ground wire attached to the trailer frame near the trailer tongue.  Attempting to ground to an aluminum trailer frame can cause a faulty ground connection, it is more reliable to ground to a Junction Box where possible.  Your trailer's junction box may not be located near the front of the trailer, that is why this Wiring Harness features full length Ground wires, so you can lead the ground wire to the part of your trailer that makes the most sense.


- 4 Flat Connector

- 35Ft Length on Lighting Wires

- 30 inch Length on White Wire

- Wishbone Style Harness

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