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Boat Trailer 4 Hole Bolt On Center Leaf Spring Hanger

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Boat Trailer 4 Hole Bolt On Center Leaf Spring Hanger
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This galvanized steel boat trailer center spring hanger bolts directly to the underside of your trailer frame, allowing you to hang the equalizer bar for your tandem axle trailer suspension system. The Bolt Spacing for the mounting holes measures 1 3/4" center to center on the short side, and 5" center to center on the longer measurement.  The measurement from the top of the bracket to the center hole for installing the equalizer bar is 3 1/4".  The width between the bracket flanges (Equalizer bar clearance) is just under 2", and is designed to fit a 1 3/4" EQ Bar.

This is a Center Trailer Leaf Spring Bracket, meaning it's designed to be used on a Tandem Axle Trailer in the center position, which holds the Trailer Equalizer bar.  The Mounting hole for the Equalizer bolt, and the mounting holes to your trailer frame are all just over 1/2", and they are intended for use with 1/2" diameter bolts.

If you are installing a 2nd axle, or building a new tandem axle trailer, you would need 2 of these center hangers, as well as the other hangers for your setup.  The other hangers depends on what type of Trailer Leaf Springs your trailer uses, but we have a wide selection of similarly styled Galvanized Trailer Spring Hangers available.

- Hot dipped galvanized, great for boat trailer
- installs with 4 1/2" bolts (not included)
- Top of bracket to center hole for installing equalizer bar is 3 1/4"
- 1 3/4" x 5" center to center mounting hole pattern
- Center Hanger for Tandem Axle Trailers
- Requires a 1/2" diameter center bolt for the equalizer bar (not included)   
- Clearance for the equalizer bar width measures just under 2"

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