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Roll of Black Adhesive Backed Grip Tape 12" x 60ft

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Roll of Black Adhesive Backed Grip Tape 12" x 60ft
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This is a roll of 12 inch by 60 ft black grip tape, featuring a super sticky adhesive backing and anti-slip textured grip material on the front. You can see grip tape used for different applications, such as on ladders, steps, or other areas where you might need to find footing. This is commonly used on mobile home trailers, enclosed trailers, campers, and might be seen on some larger heavy-duty boat trailers or utility trailers as well. The adhesive is designed with strength in mind, so you will not have to worry about your grip tape peeling off in the rain or getting sun damage, and the anti-slip material is designed to retain its grippy properties when exposed to water, oil, or other slippery solvents. This 12 inch width roll is great for large areas that need grip applied, so it can be used for many purposes, on steps or areas of your trailer, in the garage or warehouse, or even around the pool!

- Adhesive Backing
- Easy Installation: Cut To length then Peel and Stick
- 12" Wide Grip Tape in a full 60ft Roll
- Black Color

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