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Boat Trailer Breakaway Battery and Charging Kit

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Boat Trailer Breakaway Battery and Charging Kit
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This Breakaway Battery Kit will activate your Trailer's Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brake System in an emergency situation where your trailer has become disconnected from the Tow Vehicle during Trailering.  A Breakaway System is required with all Electrically Powered Trailer Brakes, including EOH (Electric Over Hydraulic).  A Breakaway Battery is typically Connected to the Breakaway Switch, which we have available on our website as well at this link here.

This unit is rechargeable, which is a great feature to have for an Electrically Powered Failsafe.  The unit Recharges automatically with Power from the Tow Vehicle, so you don't have to worry about remembering to Charge it, it is always ready to go in case of an Emergency.  

This Kit comes complete with a Breakaway Cable as well, so you get everything you need to be Road Legal after installing a new EOH Unit to your Trailer.  All parts in this kit meet the DoT Requirements for Trailer Brake safety.

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