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Boat Trailer Bearing Race #68111 for Trailer Bearing #L68149

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Boat Trailer Bearing Race #68111 for Trailer Bearing #L68149
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This is a Replacement Boat Trailer Hub Race, # 68111, which is commonly found in 3,500lb 5 Lug Trailer hubs.  A Bearing Race is designed to provide the Trailer Wheel Bearing a smooth surface for the rollers to spin against, and they are essential for the smooth and safe operation of the trailer.  If the Races in your Trailer hub appear to be damaged, they should be replaced immediately. 

This Bearing Race Size will fit the Standard Trailer Bearing #68149, which has an inner diameter of 1 3/8".  You can determine if this race will match up to your current hubs by checking the number stamped onto the face of your trailer's current bearing race.  The Numbers are a standardized way of determining the size of the race and can be found stamped on the outer ring of the Rae, an example of which can be seen in the photos on our website.

The trailer races are typically replaced alongside the Bearings and Grease Seal as part of annual Maintenance.  If you need to replace all of the parts in your trailers hubs, we have complete Trailer Bearing Kits available on our website here.

-Race # 68111
-Fits Bearing # 68149 (1 3/8" Inner diameter bearing)
-Typically used with 5 lug, 3,500lb Trailer Hubs
-2.361" Outer Diameter

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