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Trailer Zinc Plated Chain Quick Link 3/8" Diameter

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Trailer Zinc Plated Chain Quick Link 3/8" Diameter
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This Trailer Quick Link Connector is perfect for repairing a safety chain in a pinch.  The quick Link opens by turning the large hexed key and unthreading it from the upper portion of the quick link.  Then, simply connect the 2 pieces of the broken chain together and thread the large hexed key portion of the Quick Link Connector back together again.

This is not for use long term on security chains that are used to protect property from theft.  The Quick Link can be quickly and easily disconnected by anyone, this is specifically for short term use while looking for a full replacement chain, or as a long term repair piece on chains that are not used to secure valuable against theft, like a towing safety chain.

- Zinc Plated
- 3/8"
- Threaded Opening/Closing styling

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