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Trailer Spindle for 2,000 lb BT8 Axle Weld On 1 1/4 inch Round

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Trailer Spindle for 2,000 lb BT8 Axle Weld On 1 1/4 inch Round
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This weld-in 2000 lb trailer axle spindle offers a replacement for axles that have a damaged or missing spindle. The spindle has a 1 inch bearing surface, sized to fit the common 44643 x 44643 bearing combination, with a seal surface of 1 1/4 inches. This spindle is perfect for replacing a compromised spindle on one side of your axle, or it can be used to fit into a piece of axle tubing to fabricate a new axle. If you need a compatible 5 lug on 4.5 inch bolt pattern trailer hub for this axle, you will need our Galvanized 2,000 lb 5 Lug Trailer Hub Kit. You will also want to consider using a 1.980 Stainless Steel Bearing Buddy to provide complete and continuous lubrication to your bearings while you are out on the road. This spindle has a hole drilled for an axle spindle cotter key, which you will need to use to keep the castle nut from backing off while towing. This is a great weld-in replacement spindle for your boat or utility trailer in need of a new spindle or axle repair!

- 2000-pound capacity steel BT8 axle spindle
- Weld-on butt end measures 1 1/4 inch diameter x 3 3/4 inch Length
- Spindle Measures 8 3/4 inches overall
- 1" (44643 bearing) x 1" (44643 bearing) combination
- 1.25" Inner Diameter seal surface
- Cotter Key Drilling for Securing Castle Nut

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