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Titan Brake Rite Converter for Ford/Chevy/Dodge Integral Brake Controller

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Titan Brake Rite Converter for Ford/Chevy/Dodge Integral Brake Controller
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This product is Titans Part Number 4845900. This is the SD Converter Box with easy Plug capabilities that we offer for the Titan Brake Rite II SD and Titan Brake Rite Plug and Play Electric Over Hydraulic Brake Kits. This Brake Rite Converter Box mounts on the trailer, and accepts the 3 Prong Connector coming from either the SD Control Module (on Brake Rite SD Model), or the 3 Prong Connector coming from the Actuator Head Unit Housing (on Brake Rite Plug and Play Model). On both models, the Plug is the same, the difference is only in the device that the plug comes out of. On the SD Model, the separate Control Module houses the "brains", on the Plug and Play model, the "brains" are integrated into the Actuator Housing. 
The purpose of this device is to allow the signals sent by your trucks brake controller to properly communicate with your Titan Brake Rite system. If your vehicle requires this Converter Box, and you do not use it, your trucks brake controller will not be able to work in harmony with your trailers brake system. The simply reason why this is needed, is because Factory Installed In Dash Brake Controllers are designed for use with Electric Brakes only, not Electric Over Hydraulic.

Vehicle Requirements for Titan Brake Rite SD Adapter with In Dash Brake Controllers

2006 - 2012 Chevy and Ford with In Dash Brake ControllerRequire Adapter
2013-2014 Chevy and Ford w/ Brake Option Selector Switch on In Dash Brake ControllerSelector Switch must be present, with the option to select Electric Over Hydraulic
2013-2014 Chevy and Ford w/o Brake Option Selector Switch on In Dash Brake ControllerRequire Adapter
All Dodge Vehicles with In Dash Brake ControllerNot Compatible with Titan Brake Rite SD or Plug and Play Models

*Most Manufacturers will install this component from the factory with the Titan Electric Over Hydraulic Units to ensure that it will operate on any Chevy/Ford Tow Vehicle. The use of the Brake Rite SD Adapter, if not needed for the vehicle, will not effect brake performance or signal transfer. In short, when in doubt, purchasing this component will ensure that your Titan Brake Rite Electric Over Hydraulic Unit will work on any Chevy/Ford that hooks up to the trailer. 

For Aftermarket Installed Brake Controllers on Vehicles that do not have a Factory installed Brake Controller. To ensure that your Trucks after market Brake Controller Works with the Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes, please consult your Trucks Brake Controller Manufacturer. Generally speaking most aftermarket brake controllers will operate the Electric Over Hydraulic System, however their are too many to set a blanket standard. If you are needing to purchase a new Brake Controller, we have Truck Brake Controllers that are perfectly suitable with the Titan Brake Rite SD and Titan Brake Rite Plug and Play Kits. 

Mounting Screws for this Unit are not included. The exact location for installation depends upon each trailer and the space determined for mounting your Titan Brake Rite Kit. 

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