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Stainless Steel Tandem Axle Boat Trailer Fender 10 x 64 x 16

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Stainless Steel Tandem Axle Boat Trailer Fender 10 x 64 x 16


(4) 3/8 in x 1 1/4 Zinc Plated Bolt [+$2.64]
(4) 3/8 in x 1 1/4 Stainless Steel Bolt [+$4.44]
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These trailer fenders are 16 gauge polished round smooth Stainless Steel. We would commonly see these fenders mounted on boat or enclosed trailers. The Smooth finish of the stainless steel will significantly dress up and protect your trailer. When considering Fender choice, if rust and oxidation has been an issue in the past, you will no longer have to worry. Use stainless steel mounting bolts and aluminum supports for the best Fender and Mounting situation available on the market. 

As shown in the picture this boat trailer fender measures 10 inches wide x 64 inches long x 16 inches tall. When choosing the correct size be mindful of the distance between mounting points on your trailer, as this is the minimum length your fender can be, unless your shortening that length by moving the brackets.

These Fenders mount to a boat trailers frame in a variety of ways. In some cases there are brackets already bolted or welded to the trailers frame to which you will simply bolt the replacement fender using Boat Trailer Bolts and you will be good to go. However, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need alternative methods of mounting your fender to your trailer. Check out our selection of Boat Trailer Fender Mounting Brackets to see if one particular style  strikes you. 

If you are mounting them to a Boat Trailer that has an I-Beam frame, and you need mounting brackets and supports, check out Aluminum Boat Trailer Round Fender Mount and Step Par (PAIR) and additional Aluminum Boat Trailer Fender Support 16 inch for Tandem Axle. These are an example of how a Fender might mount to a trailers frame. You can also use these with other trailer frames to; such as square tubing and channel frames. These items mount to the trailer frame using Boat Trailer U-Bolts and Boat Trailer Bolts. Check your frames dimensions to get the precise size mounting hardware you will need. For Optimal results, use Stainless Steel mounting hardware, as it also will not rust!

Keep in mind when mounting your fender to your trailer to leave enough space above the trailer tires. As your trailer goes over bumps, down ramps, or any area that causes the springs or torsion arms to flex, your tires will travel upward. You want to be mindful of this to ensure your tires will not rub against your fender. Also, be mindful of your fenders location in relation to your boats hull. In most cases the trailer manufacturer placed your trailer fenders in a precise location on purpose,   sometimes very close to the hull of the boat. They do this to keep the ride height of your boat as low as safely possible, for better trailering and easier unloading and loading. If you are not mindful of this, and decide to do the replacement with the boat off the trailer, it is possible that you may mount your new fender in a position where the boat will impact the fender once you load the boat back on the trailer. 

Some of our fenders come with pre-drilled holes, others do not. Therefore you may need to drill holes in the ends of the fenders for installation, which can be done with any generic electric drill. Also, installing the Aluminum Fender Steps to mount your trailer fenders will require drilling mounting holes, as the fender steps do not have any pre-drilled holes. 

Having fenders is essential to the trailering of your boat. Trailer fenders are a sure way to protect your boat from debris kicked up by the trailer tires. Also, a very important factor is the legal aspects, as trailers are required to have fenders around the tires. 

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