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Stainless Steel 8 inch Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Kit (L-Type) Kit

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Stainless Steel 8 inch Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Kit (L-Type) Kit
Stainless Steel 8 inch Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Kit (L-Type) Kit


(1) 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Trailer Bolt [+$5.99]
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These Bunk Brackets are typically replaced in pairs, so we've put together this Kit with 2 Stainless Steel L Type Brackets and Stainless Steel U Bolts for mounting them to your 3x3 Cross Members at a great price! All Stainless Steel Parts means no more replacing Rusty Bunk Brackets. 

8 Inch Tall L Type Bunk Bracket
5 Inches Wide L Type Bunk Bracket
3/8 inch thick Stainless Steel Bracket
½ inch in diameter Holes, for use with a ½ inch Trailer Bolt (not included) to secure your bunks.
For 3x3 Cross Member with the included U Bolts.
Mounts Bunk Boards Vertically.
Commonly used with 3 x 8 Cypress Bunks
For Use on Aluminum or Galvanized 3x3 Cross Members
This Kit includes 2 L Type Bunk Brackets, 2 Stainless Steel U bolts and Hardware

Sturdy Built Tough
This item was made to be the best of the best for what it does on a trailer.  Sturdy Built Tested and Approved to be Sturdy enough for even the largest boats, and Built to stand the test of time - even in Saltwater.

 L Type Bunk Bracket Kit To Do List:
   Boat Trailer U-Bolts are used to mount your Bunk Bracket to your trailers Cross Member, already included in this kit! 

Boat Trailer Bolts are used to secure your boat trailers bunk boards to the L Type Bunk Bracket, available in Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated. 

Boat Trailer Carpet is used to wrap your trailers bunk boards, protecting your boats hull and providing a great surface for loading and unloading, available in different widths for all bunk board sizes.

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