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Set of 2 - Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 12 inch All Aluminum 3x3 Kit for Bunk Boards

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Set of 2 - Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 12 inch All Aluminum 3x3 Kit for Bunk Boards
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These 12 inch Swivel Top Bunk Brackets are commonly replaced or newly installed in pairs, so we've made this discounted kit that comes with 2 Aluminum Brackets and the 2 Stainless Steel Mounting U Bolts (fits 3x3 cross member) to make it easier to replace all the bunk brackets on your trailer! 
After installing the Aluminum Swivel Top to the Aluminum Bunk Bracket (using the included Stainless Steel 1/2" x 1 1/4" Bolt), the overall length of this assembly becomes 12 3/4".  This bunk bracket is mounted to your trailers frame with the included U-Bolts. The Size of those U Bolts means that this kit can only be mounted to 3 inch Tall by 3 inch Wide Cross members or trailer frames.  If you have a different size cross member or frame it would be best to buy the brackets and the Boat Trailer U-Bolt individually so you can get the correct size needed for your trailer.  

U Bolt Size: ½” x 3” x 4 5/16”
Industry Standard 12 inch Bracket Length
Can be used for 2x4 or 2x6 Bunks
Overall length (Bracket + swivel top) is 12 ¾”

All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Parts
Swivel Top allows you to adjust the angle of your Trailer Bunk Boards
All parts included for 2 Bunk Brackets, Bracket, Swivel Top, Bolt, Lag Screws, U Bolt and all hardware.

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