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Raw Steel Greaseable Trailer Spring Bolt Only 9/16 inch x 3 inch

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Raw Steel Greaseable Trailer Spring Bolt Only 9/16 inch x 3 inch
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This listing is for a greaseable steel trailer spring bolt only, with a diameter of 9/16 inches and a length of 3 inches. This hard steel spring bolt is used to secure trailer leaf springs and equalizer bars to each other and the trailer's spring hangers; this bolt, in particular, is commonly used on utility trailers, enclosed trailers, RV trailers, and other land trailers. The hex head of the bolt features a greasable zerk fitting that runs down to a whole near the center of the bolt, allowing you to pump grease into the inner sleeve where the bolt sits in the bushing of a leaf spring end or equalizer bar. Applying lubrication can increase the longevity of the bolt by providing a barrier to corrosion, and also helps prevent excessive friction from wearing the bolt down. The bolt also features a splined end near the inside of the hex head, which helps keep the bolt securely in place within your suspension system for added safety. If you order from this listing you will receive ONLY the spring bolt, no nuts, washers, lock washers, or other hardware will be included, so if you need hardware to complete your trailer repair you will want to purchase our 9/16 inch x 3 inch Greasable Steel Spring Bolt with Nut.

- Raw Steel Greasable Trailer Spring Bolt
- Grease Zerk Fitting fits Standard Grease Guns
- Thread Size: 9/16" - 18
- Length: 3"

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