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Ram A Frame Trailer Jack 3,000lb Capacity Side Wind

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Ram A Frame Trailer Jack 3,000lb Capacity Side Wind
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This A-Frame top-wind jack by Ram features a 3,000lb capacity and is zinc-plated to ensure corrosion resistance. It's suitable for boat trailers, jet-ski trailers, utility trailers, and enclosed trailers due to its marine-ready zinc coating, which provides durability in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. The jack drop-foot is included with this jack, which is also zinc-plated. The detachable sand foot is able to provide a flat surface to reliably raise and lower your trailer tongue and is easy to remove if you would like to keep it safe while you are towing.

This jack is manufactured by Ram, a renowned entity in the jack industry. The jack has a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty, so you can be sure you are buying a reliable product. The jack has 14 inches of travel and can be securely attached to a trailer's tongue using three 3/8" diameter bolts. This Ram jack is a prime option for those seeking a durable A-Frame jack suitable for challenging environments.

- Zinc Plated to resist rust and corrosion
- Great for boat trailers and utility trailers
- Standard 3 Hole A-Frame Trailer Jack Mounting Holes
- Features Zinc-Plated detachable drop foot
- 1-year limited warranty

- Ram A-Frame Trailer Jack with Zinc-Plating
- 3,000 lb weight capacity
- 14 inches of travel

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