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Polymer Bow Rest Catcher Assembly for Boat Trailer Adjustable Galvanized Post

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Polymer Bow Rest Catcher Assembly for Boat Trailer Adjustable Galvanized Post
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    This Listing is for an Adjustable Bow Rest Catcher with Stoltz Polymer Bumpers for the front of your boat trailer. This item would mount to the tongue of your trailer, between your winch post and the bow of your boat. The purpose of this item, is to give your boats bow a great soft surface to rest up against, which could be in addition to your winch post bow stop or roller. This style with the Stoltz polymer bumpers will also protect the finish of your hull. Stoltz leads the industry with their polymer technology and are widely known for their "last a lifetime" rollers. Many times different boat ramps will have different angles, and depending upon the tide, you may load your boat differently as a result. Sometimes when the boat settles, it may be tough to know if you have the boat seated properly. If you use this device, you will always have a great surface to secure the bow of the boat against. 

   This bow catch is very adjustable to meet the needs of many trailer setups and hull designs. Especially true with larger boats. If you are running a tandem to triple axle trailer this item will be essential to loading your boat easily. You would first find where on the tongue you are going to mount it. typically your trailers tongue material will extend to your first crossmember, and this where this item will mount. From there you should have some room to adjust the bow catch forward or backward to reach the bow. Next you can adjust the head if needed. The head is connected by two bolts, a pivot bolt and angle selection pin. Remove the selection pin and loosen the pivot bolt to allow the head to be positioned into one of six selections. Tighten both bolts and you are set.

  This bow support mounts on 3 inch wide Tongue or Frame Material. You can mount this on 3 x 3 or 3 x 4 material, you would just need to select the appropriate (2) U Bolts for the height of your frame which are not included. Typical selections would be either Stainless Steel U-Bolt 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 4 5/16 inch Trailer U-Bolt or Stainless Steel Square Trailer U-Bolt 1/2 inch x 3 inch x 5 5/16 inch depending on the height of the tongue.

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