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Kodiak XL Pro Lube Oil Bath Kit 1.98 Size for 5 Lug 3.5K Hubs

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Kodiak XL Pro Lube Oil Bath Kit 1.98 Size for 5 Lug 3.5K Hubs
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This listing is Kodiaks complete XL Pro Lube Axle Kit to convert your Bearing Grease system to Oil Bath. Kodiaks XL Pro Lube utilizes your current Trailer Bearings and Trailer Hub to integrate the Oil Bath application and is compatible on Kodiaks Integral 3,500lb 5 Lug Brake Rotors as well. The Anodized Aluminum Pro Lube Housing mounts to the outer face of your hub in the same location as your previous Dust Cap or Trailer Buddy did. The Pro Lube Housing utilizes a Blue Polycarbonate casing with fill port to easily view the oil level and fill as required. The properties of this Oil Cap allow for higher temperature and impact resistance.
In addition, a special oil seal is necessary and provided with this kit to mount in the rear of the hub in the same location as your previous grease seal. This Oil Seal is multi-ribbed and dual function to provide a watertight seal and eliminate unwanted friction during rotation.  
Essentially the Oil Bath system is proven as a successful way to both lubricate bearings while reducing friction caused by the rotation of your bearings. The Synthetic Pro Lube Oil lubricates and protects the bearings through centrifugal force, which in short is the force exerted during rotation that draws the object away from its central location. 
This Kodiak Pro Lube Kit 1.98 outfits standard 3,500lb trailer Hubs that typically utilize the 1.98 size dust cap and 1.72" ID Grease Seal. Be sure to check your spindles grease seal surface or grease seal to measure to be sure that this kit will outfit your axle. This kit will not outfit all 3500lb Capacity trailer axles. Your Spindle needs to accommodate 1 3/8" (68149) x 1 1/16" (44649) Bearings with the 1.72" Grease Seal Surface.   
This Pro Lube 1.98 Kit Includes (2) Anodized 1.98" Aluminum Housings with Blue Polycarbonate Oil Caps with Plugs, (2) Water Tight Oil Cap O-Rings, (2) Specialized Kodiak Oil Seals (1) 8 oz Bottle of Kodiak XL Pro Lube Special Synthetic Oil.  
Estimates of 2 oz of Oil needed per hub would yield (4) complete uses per bottle. 

Note: Kodiak Oil Bath kits will not work with Super Lube Axles (axles with a grease fitting on the tip of the spindle)

Installation Instructions Printable Below!

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