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Kodiak Slip On Stainless/Dac Disc Brake Kit 8 Lug 13 inch 7,000lb Axles

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Kodiak Slip On Stainless/Dac Disc Brake Kit 8 Lug 13 inch 7,000lb Axles


(10) Zinc Plated Brake Mounting Bolts (+$28.40)
(10) Stainless Steel Brake Mounting Bolts (+$16.40)
(2) 2.717 Accu-Lube Caps (+$7.24)
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This is Kodiak Slip On 13" 7,000lb Capacity Disc Brake Kit that features both Stainless Steel components and dacromet components. This kit is designed to outfit 8 Lug standard idler style trailer hubs by slipping over the hubs lug studs. The rotor is then secured in place when the wheel is mounted and the lug nuts are tightened. All Kodiak rotors feature the vented design to dissipate heat and yield a low towing temperature. This particular combination utilizes Kodiaks Stainless Steel Calipers, proven to be the best trailer disc brake caliper on the market. The stainless steel calipers also have a stainless steel piston, stainless steel bolt bushings, brass fittings, and stainless steel backed brake pads. 
This 8 Lug 7,000lb Stainless Steel/Dacromet Combination will mount to your trailer axles standard 5 Bolt Brake Flange and is ideal for use with 16" Trailer wheels. The 13" Vented Dacromet rotor is intended for use with 1/2" Hub studs. We also have this kit available with Galvanized 8 Lug Hubs with Bearings and Grease Seals
This is Kodiaks Part #2/RCM-133-7-8-DAC-SS    
This Kit includes (2) Kodiak Stainless Steel 250 Calipers with Stainless Steel Back Pads, (4) Kodiak Stainless Steel Slider Bolts, (2) Dacromet Coated Caliper Brackets, and (2) Dacromet Coated 13" 8 Lug Vented Rotors

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