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Kodiak Slip On All Stainless Steel Disc Brake Kit 8 Lug 13 inch 7k w/ Stainless Steel Hubs

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Kodiak Slip On All Stainless Steel Disc Brake Kit 8 Lug 13 inch 7k w/ Stainless Steel Hubs
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As far as disc brake kits go, Kodiaks All Stainless Steel Brake Kits really go above and beyond when it comes to product performance and longevity. This 8 Lug 7,000lb Capacity ALL Stainless Steel Slip On Disc Brake Kit features a Stainless Steel 13" 8 Lug Rotor, Stainless Steel Caliper Mounting Brackets, Stainless Steel Caliper Bolts, and Stainless Steel Calipers.

We've taken Kodiak's High End Stainless Steel Brakes, and made this Completely Stainless Steel Kit Option for the customer who wants the Ultimate set it and forget, longest lasting brakes for their trailer.  This kit includes Stainless Steel Hubs, Stainless Steel Full Coverage Lug Nuts, Stainless Steel EZ Lube Dust Caps, Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware to Mount the caliper bracket to your trailer axle's brake flange, and all of the needed Bearings and Seals.  There is not another kit on the market loaded with this much Stainless Steel, and there isn't another kit on the market that will last longer!

The Rotors secure to the Idler Hub when the wheel is mounted and the lug nuts are tightened. The 8 Lug 7,000lb Stainless Brake kit mounts to your trailer axle's standard 5 Bolt brake flange. This 8 Lug, 8 on 6 1/2 Lug Pattern is intended for use with 1/2 inch lug studs, which are the size of the studs used by the included Hubs. 

The Vented design of Kodiaks Rotors allows for increased heat dispersion, resulting in an overall lower running temperature at high speeds. 

This is Kodiaks Part #2/RCM-133-7-8-SS

This Kit includes:
(2)   Stainless Steel Kodiak 250 Calipers with Stainless Steel Backed Pads installed
(4)   Kodiak Stainless Steel Slide Bolts
(16) Stainless Steel Full Coverage Lug Nuts
(10) Stainless Steel Flange Mounting Bolts + Hardware
(2)   Stainless Steel Dust Caps with EZ Lube rubber plug
(2)   Stainless Steel Caliper Mounting Brackets
(2)   Stainless Steel 8 Lug Slip On Brake Rotors
(2)   Stainless Steel 8 Lug idler hubs
         2 Bearings 1 3/4" ID (25580), 
         2 Bearings 1 1/4" ID (14125A)
         2 Grease Seals 2 1/4" ID
         2 Grease Seals 2 1/8" ID
           *We include both sizes of Grease Seals possible on your spindle for your convenience, you will only use one of the sizes, test fit each grease seal to determine the correct size for your spindle, discard the ones you will not need.

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