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Kodiak Koda Guard Disc Brake Kit Slip On 6 Lug 12 inch 5200lb w/Hubs

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Kodiak Koda Guard Disc Brake Kit Slip On 6 Lug 12 inch 5200lb w/Hubs


(10) Zinc Plated 3/8 in x 1 1/4 in Flange Mounting Bolts (+$28.40)
(10) Stainless Steel 3/8 in x 1 1/4 in Flange Mounting Bolts (+$16.40)
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Kodiak has pioneered a new coating to offer in their trailer hydraulic disc brake line up. This KodaGuard technology is patented and was designed to offer the highest level of corrosion protection behind stainless steel. Koda Guard coating offers twice the protection of the Dacromet coating without breaking the bank. Some tested samples of Koda Guard coating exceed the 2,000 hour mark during the salt spray test. 
This particular kit is Kodiaks 5,200lb Capacity 6 Lug Koda Guard Slip On 12 inch Hydraulic Disc Brake Kit with Hubs. This kit is designed to include the Galvanized 6 Lug Idler Hubs with Bearings and Seals to complete your Axle Assemblies disc brakes. This Hub and Bearing configuration mounts to standard #42 Spindles that use 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" Bearings. 
Kodiak Brake Calipers feature top of the line components, with Stainless Steel Pistons, Stainless Steel Bolt Bushings, and Brass fittings for ultimate corrosion protection and longevity. 
This is Kodiaks Part #2/RCM-12-DAC-KG with Hubs
This Kodiak Kit includes:
(2) Kodiak Koda Guard 225 Calipers with Stainless Steel Backed Pads Installed, (4) Stainless Steel Kodiak Caliper Slider Bolts, (2) Dacromet Coated Slip On Caliper Mounting Brackets, (2) Dacromet Coated 6 Lug 12 inch Slip On Disc Brake rotors, (2) 6 Lug Galvanized idler Hubs, (2) 1 3/4" (25580) Trailer Bearings, (2) 1 1/4" (15123) Trailer Bearings, (2) 2 1/4" Id Grease Seals, (2)  2 1/8" Id Grease Seals
*We include both sizes of Grease Seals possible on your spindle for your convenience, you will only use one of the sizes, test fit each grease seal to determine the correct size for your spindle, discard the ones you will not need.

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