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Kodiak Integral Disc Brake Kit Koda Guard 6 Lug 12 inch 5200lb Axles

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Kodiak Integral Disc Brake Kit Koda Guard 6 Lug 12 inch 5200lb Axles


(10x) Stainless Steel Brake Flange Mounting Bolts (+$18.80)
(2x) 6 Lug Bearing Kits w/ Seals (+$32.52)
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Kodiak continues to offer top of the line an innovative Disc Brake Products for trailers. This Kodiak 6 Lug Disc Brake kit includes Kodiaks new Patented KodaGuard Coated Calipers to take your brake kit to the next level. Koda Guard was created as a wallet friendly top quality coating that offers over twice the protection that dacromet coatings will. The Integrated rotor refers to the combination of the Hub function and rotor function being casted as one piece. Each Dacromet Integral Rotor comes with pre-installed Bearing Races, however you will need bearings and seals separately.
The 6 Lug , 6 on 5 1/2, Integral rotor utilizes 1/2 inch wheel studs, a standard in the trailer marketplace. This kit is designed to mount on standard 5,200lb - 6,000lb trailer axles using the #42 Spindle. 
This is Kodiaks Part #2/HRCM-12-DAC-KG
This Kit Includes (2) Kodiak Koda Guard 225 Brake Calipers with Stainless Steel Backed Brake Pads, (4) Kodiak Stainless Steel Caliper Slider Pins, (2) Dacromet Coated Caliper Mounting Brackets, (2) Dacromet Coated 6 Lug Integral Brake Rotors, 

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