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Kodiak DAC Coated Trailer Disc Brake Kit Slip On 8 Lug 13 inch 7,000lb w /Hubs

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Kodiak DAC Coated Trailer Disc Brake Kit Slip On 8 Lug 13 inch 7,000lb w /Hubs


(10) Zinc Plated Brake Mounting Bolts (+$28.00)
(10) Stainless Steel Brake Mounting Bolts (+$18.80)
(2) 2.717 Accu-Lube Caps (+$7.20)
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This listing is for Kodiaks Dacromet Coated 13" Slip On Disc Brake Kit for 7,000lb Capacity Trailers axles. This Kodiak Disc Brake Kit mounts to your trailers standard 5 Hole Brake Flange. This particular kit includes the required 8 Lug Galvanized Idler Hubs to mount to your trailers spindle. These Hubs mount on the standard #42 spindle that measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/4". The Lug Pattern on the 8 Lug Hubs is 8 on 6 1/2 , an industry standard using 1/2 inch studs. This kit includes the Hubs with pre-installed races. Bearings and Grease Seals are also included to successfully mount to your trailers axle. 
This is Kodiaks Part #2/RCM-133-7-8-E
This Kit Includes:
(2) Kodiak Dac Coated 250 Calipers with Standard Red Brake Pads, (4) Stainless Steel Kodiak Slide Bolts, (2) Dacromet Coated Caliper Mounting Brackets, (2) Dacromet Coated Kodiak 8 Lug Slip Over Disc Brake Rotors, (2) 8 Lug Galvanized Hubs, (2) 25580 1 3/4" Inner Diameter Bearings, (2) 14125a 1 1/4" Inner Diameter Bearings, (2) 2 1/4" Inner Diameter Grease Seals, and (2) 2 1/8" Inner Diameter Grease Seals. *You will only use one size of Grease Seal, we include both for customer convenience, test fit them on your spindles seal surface to determine which to use, discard the other size. 
When Doing This Project:
You May additionally need (10) 3/8" x 1 1/4" Caliper Bracket Bolts to Mount your brackets to your brake flange, we have these available in zinc plated or stainless steel as an add on to this disc brake kit, simply check the checkbox next to the style you want. 

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