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Integral Brake System for 6 Bolt Hub/Axles rated to 6000lbs by DEEMAXX

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Integral Brake System for 6 Bolt Hub/Axles rated to 6000lbs by DEEMAXX
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This DeeMaxx 12” 6 Bolt Integral MAXX coated disc brake kit is intended for 5,200 lb to 6,000lb heavy duty boat trailers. This 6 Lug integral hub uses a 6 on 5 ½ inch wheel lug pattern. Furthermore, the integral rotor would use a 25580 (1 ¾”) inner wheel bearing and a 15123 (1 ¼”) outer wheel bearing. To mount the disc brake system the DeeMaxx Caliper bracket will mount onto the industry standard 5 hole brake flange located on your axle assembly. Additionally, some hardware may be required to install this brake kit to your boat or utility trailer. You will need (10) mounting bolts (? inch diameter x 1 ¼ inch long) to mount the caliper bracket to the axles brake flange and is ideally made to 15” or larger wheels.

What’s included:

(2) Integral hubs (meaning that the hub and rotor are one complete part)

(2) Stainless Steel Calipers with Stainless Steel Backed Ceramic brake pads

(2) 6 Bolt MAXX Coated rotors

(4) stainless steel slide pins

(2) MAXX coated Mounting brackets.

Please note, this brake system will not include wheel bearings. They would have to be added to your order separately. In addition, the brake pads will include a limited lifetime warranty!

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