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How to Measure Your Trailer Axle?

How to Measure Your Trailer Axle?
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Trailer Axle Measurements: 
Hub Face: ____ inches
Overall Length (tip to tip): ____ inches
Spring Seat Measurement: ___ inches
Hub Face (Axle Track) refers to measuring from the OUTSIDE FACE of one hub to the OUTSIDE FACE of the opposing hub ACROSS the axle.  Refer to axle measuring video for assistance. Our Axles are listed based of the Axles Hubface measurement, once this has been determined it is much easier to search for the adequate sized axle. In some cases is possible to purchase an axle slightly longer or shorter than the one you currently have and the axle will still fit and function properly. Get your Axles measurements, then check out the listings for the Hubface that you have, look at the allowable Spring Seat Measurements for that axle size, your Spring Seat Measurement must fall into the workable measurements with each axle listing. 
Spring Seat Measurement refers to the measuring of your leaf springs from the center of one spring, across the axle to the center of the opposing spring.  Getting assistance with this measurement from a friend is recommended.  Refer to axle measuring video for assistance.

The Spring Seat Measurement is very important to ensure the safe and proper installation of this axle. If your Spring Seat measurement does not fall into the specified range, we cannot guarantee the successful installation or performance of your axle.  Using a spring seat measurement that is too narrow will likely lead to your axle bending.  Using a spring seat measurement that is too wide will lead to your tires rubbing on your trailer frame and/or leaf springs.  Please verify that your Spring Seat Measurement falls into the range specified to avoid any problems.

How to Measure an Axle Video: 

Axle Measurements Helpful for Determining Proper Replacement:

1. Hub Face - Outside of Hubface across Axle to Outside of opposing Hubface (Essential) ____________

2. Spring Center - Center of Leaf Spring Across Axle to Center of Other Leaf Spring(Be Very Precise)___________

3. Brake Flange - Outside of Brake Flange Across Axle to Outside of Opposing Brake Flange (If Applicable on 3,500lb Capacity Axle, not usually present on 2,000lb Axle)__________

4. Overall Length(Tip to Tip)_________