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Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle 93.5 inch Hub Face 3,500lb Capacity with Pre-Installed Idler Hubs

Galvanized Straight Boat Trailer Axle  
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Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle 93.5 inch Hub Face 3,500lb Capacity with Pre-Installed Idler Hubs


(1) Galvanized Trailer Leaf Spring Mounting Kit (+$20.19)
(10) Zinc Plated Lug Nuts 1/2x20 (+$9.50)
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Replace your Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle AND your 5 Lug Idler hubs together with this Boat Trailer Axle made by Autoflex-Knott, which comes equipped with 5 Lug Galvanized Trailer Idler Hubs pre-installed.  Everything Ships and is delivered together and ready to go, you can re-use your Square U Bolts and Mounting plates if they're still in good condition, or you can pick up new ones here on at our store along with your new axle.
The Galvanized Axles by AutoFlex-Knott have adjustable Spring Centers, so we've included Galvanized Spring Mounts with each of these Axles.  Although they are adjustable, the spring seats should only be installed within a certain range on the axle beam to ensure proper weight distribution and clearance with the brake flange.  That Spring Center Range depends on the length of axle you purchase; for this 84-Inch Hub Face Trailer Axle, it can be safely mounted on trailers that have a Spring Center Measurement of 75.5" to 81". If your trailer has a spring center measurement outside of this range, you might need a shorter or longer hub face axle in order to fit your trailer frame.
The other important measurement to take into consideration when sourcing a new Boat Trailer Axle is the Hub Face Measurement. This Measurement is taken from the outside face of one hub to the outside face of the other hub.  This is the standard measuring length on most axles, meaning a 90 inch trailer axle will typically be a 90 inch hub face, not a 90 inch overall length.  Because Trailer Tires and Wheels usually have a 0 offset, this means the hub face measurement is also the center-of-tire measurement for your trailer.  Your replacement trailer axle should have a hub face that puts your tires safely under the fenders, and if you need to go to a longer axle to accommodate the spring center measurements above, keep in mind that that means you will probably need to adjust your fenders.  This Axle's Hub Face Measurement is equal to 93.5".

This Trailer Axle has a Weight Capacity of 3,500lbs.  The included pre-installed hubs contain the standard 1 3/8" x 1 1/16" bearing combination (Bearing Numbers 68149 and 44649) that is commonly seen in trailer hubs of this weight capacity, and the grease Seal has in inner diameter of 1.719".
Knott brand components are always high-quality and built-to-last.  This Axle is no different, it's made of 2x2 steel tubing that is 1/4" thick, and then hot-dipped galvanized for excellent corrosion resistant properties.
Axle Specifications:
- 93.5" Hub Face Measurement
- Spring Center Measurement (Adjustable) 75.5" - 81"
-4 Hole Brake Flange
-Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Tubing (2" x 2" x 1/4" thick) 
-Drainage Holes to allow Water to drain out of the tubing
Hub/Spindle Specifications:
-5 on 4.5" Bolt Pattern
-Inner Bearing - 68149 or 1 3/8 inch inner diameter
-Outer Bearing - 44649 or 1 1/16 inch inner diameter
-Grease seal - 1.719 inches inner diameter
-Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve on the Axle Spindle
-EZ Lube Grease Fitting on the end of the Trailer Spindle

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