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Fulton 5000 lb Capacity Zinc Plated Marine Boat Trailer Drop Foot Jack

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Fulton 5000 lb Capacity Zinc Plated Marine Boat Trailer Drop Foot Jack
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This 5,000 lb capacity Fulton drop foot marine boat trailer jack is a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant replacement option for your saltwater or freshwater trailer. The jack easily bolts onto your trailer's tongue or frame with the included zinc plated hardware and is ideal for trailers that need something stronger than a traditional 2,500 lb jack. Fulton's Z-Max 600 zinc plating offers superior corrosion protection while maintaining an attractive glossy finish, and is tested and rated for 600 salt hours. The jack's pre-welded mounting plate is sized to fit trailer tongues 3 inches to 5 inches in height, and up to 3 inches in width. Drop foot jacks in particular are ideal for lowering in a variety of surfaces, from asphalt, grass, or even sand.

This jack also features a greasable zerk fitting located at the top of the jack, allowing you to easily relubricate and gear housing and maintain smooth operation for years to come. Just use any Standard Size Grease Gun and your preferred brand of Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease and attach the gun to the fitting and pump in fresh grease to keep everything moving smoothly as well as protect against corrosion! The Drop Leg Jack has a total lift height of 28 inches and a travel distance of 14 inches, and is suitable for utility trailers as well as boat trailers. Fulton's drop foot jack is sturdy and dependable enough to work in any environment and is covered by Fulton's 5-year limited Warranty.

- Mounts to trailer tongues 3-5 inches in height and 3 inches in width
- 5000 lb Capacity
- Drop Foot
- Greasable Zerk Fitting
- Zinc plated Mounting Hardware included

- Z-Max Zinc Plating for corrosion protection
- Zerk Fitting allows for ease of servicing of the inner gears
- Easy-Grip Handle
- 5-Year Limited Warranty

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