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Extruded Aluminum Bunk Bracket Replacement Swivel Top for Bolster Brackets

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Extruded Aluminum Bunk Bracket Replacement Swivel Top for Bolster Brackets


(Pair) Stainless Steel Lag Screws (+$2.32)
(1) 1/2 Stainless Mounting Bolt (+$2.98)
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This Product is Made of 3/16" Extruded Aluminum for optimal strength and Corrosion Resistant, perfect for use on Saltwater and Freshwater Boat and Marine Trailers.  The Top Angle Piece of any Swivel Top Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket is a Key part in your Trailers ability to perform accurately and tow your Boat or PWC reliably.  Using a Rust Proof Material Like this Extruded Aluminum helps to ensure the longevity and strength of the part over the years.  

Mounting this Bracket to your existing Support requires using a 1/2 inch Diameter by 1 inch Long Stainless Steel Bolt. Also, you will use a Pair of 5/16 x 1 1/2 Stainless Steel Lag Screws for Swivel Top Bracket to mount your bunk board to this swivel top.  There are 3 Holes for Lag Screws to secure the bunk board to this Top Angle Bracket, but typically only 2 are used.  You can use all 3 if you choose, you would just need to make sure you purchase extra lag screws.

This is the same Aluminum Swivel Top Angle that you see in our Ultimate Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Kit, but it can be used on any Swivel Top Design Bunk or Bolster Bracket.  Just remember that when using aluminum parts like this Top Angle, you want to pair it with other Aluminum (or stainless stel parts) and not Galvanized Parts, to avoid Galvanic Corrosion.

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