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Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Unit for Disc Brakes 1,600 psi

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Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Unit for Disc Brakes 1,600 psi


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This Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator by Dexter is made of all Aluminum and Stainless Steel parts, which makes it perfect for use around marine environments and on Fresh or Saltwater Boat Trailers.  This unit has a maximum output of 1600psi, and will accommodate Single Axle, Tandem Axle, and Triple Axle Trailers equipped with Disc Brakes.  Although this unit is not a surge actuator, it should still be installed near the front of your trailer to minimize the distance between the electrical signal of your Truck's Brake Controller and this EOH Unit.

An EoH Actuator greatly increases the responsiveness and overall performance of your trailer braking capabilities.  Instead of waiting for your trailer to Push into your tow vehicle to apply to the brakes, like in a Surge Brake System, an EOH Trailer Braking System will use the Electrical Signal sent from your Truck when you press on the Brake Pedal to power the Trailer Disc Brakes.

Any Electric Trailer Brake System requires a Breakaway Switch and Battery Backup to power the Brakes in case they become disconnected from the Tow Vehicle.  You can find both of them on our website as a Single Kit at the link above.

-For use with 1 to 3 trailers axles
-Maximum Output 1600 psi
-2 Year Manufacturers Warranty from the Date of Purchase
-12 V DC Operation
-Inlet fits 3/16" Trailer Brake Lines
-Unit measures 11" L x 6" W x 7" H
-Four 12 gauge Wire Configuration: Black - Constant Power, Blue - Brake Controller, White - Ground, Yellow - Breakaway
-DOT CFR-393 Braking Compliant

-Aluminum and Stainless Steel unit
-Stainless Steel hardware
-Vented Design to allow for the release of moisture, pressure, and temperature from inside the housing unit

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