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DeeMaxx Stainless Steel Disc Brake Caliper for 3.5K-6K Brake Kits

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DeeMaxx Stainless Steel Disc Brake Caliper for 3.5K-6K Brake Kits
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This Stainless Steel Caliper by DeeMaxx is a direct replacement for any DeeMaxx Trailer Brake Kit in the 3,500lb to 6,000lb range.  This Trailer Disc Brake Caliper will fit DeeMaxx 5 lug or 6 lug disc brake systems, integral or slip over style.  DeeMaxx offers their lineup of Trailer Disc Brake Parts in Stainless Steel for those who want the ultimate Corrosion Protection for their Trailer Brake Systems.  Each DeeMaxx Stainless Steel part is a direct replacement to the equivalent MAXX coated DeeMaxx part, so if you want to upgrade your MAXX coated DeeMaxx calipers to Stainless Steel, it's perfectly do-able, and acts as a direct replacement with the added benefits being made from Stainless Steel.  

This listing is for one (1) Caliper, it is bi-directional (there is no driver or passenger side specific) and it comes 'fully-loaded', with DeeMaxx's Standard Ceramic Brake Pads with yellow painted backs, and Stainless Steel Caliper Slide Pins.  The fittings are designed to accept the standard 3/16" brake hoses used in almost every trailer disc brake system.  DeeMaxx also offers this caliper in their MAXX Coating.

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