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Bow Roller Assembly 3 in with Bells Yellow Polyvinyl for Boat Trailer

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Bow Roller Assembly 3 in with Bells Yellow Polyvinyl for Boat Trailer
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This yellow PVC 3-inch bow roller assembly provides great value and performance as a deep V winch seat mount roller for your boat trailer! The assembly comes with the center bow roller sized to fit 3 inch wide winch stand roller brackets, as well as 2 bells on either side and a 1/2-inch zinc-plated bolt with hardware to mount everything to your trailer. The bow roller assembly with bells provides a deeper V to help catch and center the bow of your boat onto the trailer when you are loading, and can also protect your boat's hull from the metal arms of your roller bracket arms. The polyvinyl roller material is also a big upgrade over standard black rubber rollers, as the yellow PVC will not mark up your boat or rot out from sun exposure. This assembly is a great replacement option between standard black rubber rollers and premium Stoltz Performance Rollers.

- Will not Dry Rot, or mark your boat 
- Durable Yellow Polyvinyl Construction 
- 1/2 inch bore Installs to standard 3-inch wide roller winch posts 
- 3-inch width (Center Roller), Approximately 6 inches wide overall (Bells included).

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