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Boat Trailer Winch Post 2 inch x 3 inch x 20 inch Tall Galvanized

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Boat Trailer Winch Post 2 inch x 3 inch x 20 inch Tall Galvanized
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This Hot Dipped Galvanized Boat Trailer Winch Post measures 20 inches long and will easily install to a 3-inch wide trailer tongue with 2 properly sized U Bolts.  If your winch post is beginning to rust, or your winch or bow roller doesn't sit in quite the right spot for your boat, this 2x3 winch beam is a great way to fix those issues.  

This is the 20-inch Angled Model for this style of Trailer Winch Post. It's recommended to get an exact replacement or as close to an exact replacement for your Winch Post and Winch Seat.  The base and support of this post are welded to the tubing to create a strong finished winch post stand. 

This galvanized steel winch post is typically paired with a Winch Seat, also referred to as a Winch Mount.  The Winch Seat or Mount will attach to the Winch Post using U Bolts and U Bolt Shackles, and the post attaches to your trailer using a set of 3 inch Wide U Bolts.  The length of the U Bolts will depend on your trailer tongue's height. For a 3"x3" Trailer Tongue, you would typically use 1/2" x 3" x 4 5/16" U bolts, for a 3x4 trailer tongue, 1/2" x 3" x 5 5/16" U bolts are preferred.  You can see our full selection of 1/2" Galvanized U Bolts on our store here.

To Mount a Winch Support to this post, the support would need to be able to have mounting holes positioned to mount to this 2 inch Wide Winch Post.  Verify the hole spaces on the Winch Support you are looking at to make sure it will mount to this Winch Post before purchasing the parts to complete the winch area assembly.
- 11 gauge Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Construction
- 2 U Bolt Mounting Plate for sturdy installation to a 3 inch Wide Trailer Tongue
- 20 inch Length

- 2" x 3" x 20" Post dimensions
- 15" from the top of post down to the trailer tongue.
- 1/2" diameter Mounting holes
- 11 Gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Construction

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