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Boat Trailer Rubber Flexible DOT Brake Hose 74 in Male Inverted Flare

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Boat Trailer Rubber Flexible DOT Brake Hose 74 in Male Inverted Flare
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This is a 74-inch long boat trailer brake line, featuring a flexible DOT-approved rubber brake hose and brass male inverted flare end fittings. This boat trailer brake hose is UV-rated to withstand saltwater and sun exposure without deteriorating so it is perfect for boat trailers or tandem jet ski trailers, as it is ready to perform well in corrosive marine environments. The brake line has two 3/16 inch male inverted flare brass fittings that use 3/8" - 24 threading, compatible with most trailer calipers, solenoid valves, and drum brake wheel cylinders. This hose is most commonly used to run across the axle on your boat trailer from one caliper to the Brass Boat Trailer Brake Cross Fitting or Brass Trailer Brake T-Fitting, but it can be used on any trailer application that requires this length of brake hose. 

This replacement hose is ideal for your boat trailer if you have deteriorated rubber or corroded metal brake lines that you need to replace. The hose is high-pressure rated for trailer disc or drum brakes and is compatible with trailers that use electric over hydraulic actuators or surge couplers. The brass male inverted ends swivel to allow for easier attachment to your fittings without twisting the line around or kinking up. This 74-inch length high-pressure DOT brake hose is ready to perform and last on your boat trailer, utility trailer, or any trailer that needs a high-quality brake line replacement!

- DOT Approved Flexible Rubber Brake Hose
- 74" Long Hose
- UV Resistant Rubber 
- 3/16" Male inverted Flare Ends
- 3/8"-24 Thread Size

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