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Boat Trailer Replacement Square Aluminum Guide on Pole 68"

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Boat Trailer Replacement Square Aluminum Guide on Pole 68"
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This replacement Guide Pole Measures 68" Tall, and 24 1/2" wide.  This 24.5" measurement gives you the ability to adjust the guide poles to the size of your boat.  This Guide Pole is bent at 90 Degrees for perfect alignment with the side rail of your boat.  This Aluminum Guide pole is made out of 1 1/2" Tubing, so it will fit all the standard Buide Pole mounting brackets you may see on the market.  The wall thickness for the tubing is 1/8" thick, and these are designed to have a length of SCH. 40 PVC over top the Aluminum pole for added visibility and to protect the poles and your boat hull.  Boat Guide On Poles like this aluminum 68" tall variant typically have a welded tab on them to stop the PVC at a certain spot, but if you want your PVC poles to sit higher you can always use a tap screw to secure the PVC into position on the Aluminum tubing as well.

Boat Trailer Guide On Poles are a great addition to any boat trailer.  They help Load your boat in areas with murky water, or when you have to back the trailer deeper into the water and visibility is low.  A pair of guide poles takes the guesswork out and shows you exactly where the center line of your trailer is, allowing you to quickly load up the boat and pull out of the boat ramp.

This is a single replacement Guide on Pole, or you can order 2 if you plan to add them to your Boat trailer with some additional Hardware (sold separately).   The guide poles typically attach via u-bolts to the main I-beam frame or into a cross member.   If you are mounting this Aluminum Guide Post to an aluminum I Beam trailer frame, the simplest way is by using (2) Stainless Steel Square Ubolt 3/8 inch x1 9/16 inch x 2 1/2 inch to drill directly into the I-Beam. The combination of Aluminum against aluminum with stainless steel will be the longest-lasting guide pole system possible. If you are wanting to mount this guide post to a Square tubing or C-Channel shaped frame, you will be needing a 1 1/2 inch Galvanized Boat Trailer Hat Bracket with the correct height and width of 3/8" diameter Boat Trailer U-Bolts that will fix around your frame. It is also not uncommon to have to get U-Bolts that are wider than or longer than your frame. The important part is that the tightening of the U-Bolts will prevent your guide poles from moving. 


-Aluminum Tubing 1.5" Square with 1/8" thick walls

-68" Height x 24.5" Leg

- Single Aluminum Guide On Pole, PVC and Hardware Not Included

-Makes Loading your Boat Much Easier, Increases visibility of the trailer Center-Line

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