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Boat Trailer Reflective Tape 2" x 150ft Roll Alternating Silver and Red

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Boat Trailer Reflective Tape 2" x 150ft Roll Alternating Silver and Red
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This High Visibility Conspicuity Reflective Tape comes in a 150 Foot Roll and is 2 inches tall, and only .008 inches thick for a nearly flush looking finish to your trailer frame.  The Reflective Trailer Safety Tape features a High Strength Adhesive Backing which secures to your trailer after a 24 hour Curing Process.  This Curing time Allows you to reposition the tape if it wasn't placed correctly the first time around.  The Design of this Boat Trailer Visibility Tape is an alternating pattern of Silver and Red, each color has a 6 inch rectangle of space before switching to the next color for Maximum Visibility even in low light conditions.  The Top Layer is Coated in a Protective UV filtering Layer which keeps the Design and Reflectiveness from Fading after being left in the sun for hours, making this tape excellent for Boat Trailers and PWC or Jet Ski Trailers which are typically kept outside at the ramp or in a back yard. This Trailer Reflective Tape is perforated throguhout, or it can be cut to your exact requirements.   It is also DOT Approved and the DOT Certification is directly on each piece of tape.

150ft Roll, Perforated Throughout or can be Cut to Length
2 inches wide, .008 inch thick
Scratch and UV Resistant for use on Boat Trailers
DOT Certified
Adhesive Back can be Repositioned During Installation, 24 Hour Cure Time

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