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Boat Trailer I Beam Clamp for Mounting Guide Poles

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Boat Trailer I Beam Clamp for Mounting Guide Poles
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This is a single I Beam Trailer Clamp Bracket for Mounting Guide Poles to your Boat Trailer or Boat Lift.  The I Beam Bracket is galvanized for additional corrosion resistance compared to powder coated or zinc plated alternatives, and installs in pairs on each side of your trailer or lift using a single bolt and hardware per pair.  The Bolt size should be 3/8" diameter, but the length will depend on what size the I beam frame is.  A Wider I Beam frame will require a longer bolt.  The Bolt and hardware are not included for this reason.

This is a single side bracket which serves as a replacement if you already have this kind of set up installed, but just need to replace one of the brackets.  If you are looking to add Guide Poles to your I beam trailer or lift for the first time, you may prefer the entire kit that we have on our website here, or you could purchase 4 of these brackets and the proper sized bolt and hardware for your needs so that you don't have the extra bolts included in the all in one kit.

This style of Guide Pole mount, like most guide pole mounting solutions, is designed for the standard 1 1/2" square guide pole.

- Single replacement Clamp / Bracket
- Galvanized for Corrosion protection
- Fits 1 1/2" Guide Poles
- Great for Boat Trailers or Lifts that use I Beam Frames

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