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Blue Trailer Wire Ring Connector

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Blue Trailer Wire Ring Connector
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This is a Blue Vinyl Ring Connector, giving you the ability to add a terminal ring to any 14 to 16 gauge wire on your Boat Trailer or Utility Trailer. Ring Terminals such as these are seen on a number of trailer Tail Lights and Side Markers, used to ground your trailer lights or wiring harness to the frame of your trailer, but can be used for many different applications. To install, simply strip the end of the wire you are looking to add the terminal ring to. Be sure to leave about a 1/4 inch of exposed wire to allow for full contact with the conductor. After inserting the wire, simply crimp the Wire Terminal to complete the install. No soldering required! Terminal Rings are a great option for marrying your trailer's side markers and tail lights to your trailers wiring harness using a Junction Box. If you are grounding directly to the frame of your trailer, be sure to remove any paint or debris from the frame that may lead to a bad connection.

These Terminal Rings are great to have on hand in your toolbox or glove box, in the event that any unexpected repairs come up while on long trips, or just heading down to your local boat ramp!

- Blue Trailer Wire Ring Connector
- Fits 16 gauge to 14 gauge wire
- Blue Insulated Vinyl Construction
- Conductor is made of tin-plated copper

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