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Amber Square Style Clearance and Side Marker Trailer Light

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Amber Square Style Clearance and Side Marker Trailer Light
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This Square Amber Side Marker is an Incandescent Clearance light designed to illuminate your Trailer so you're visible to other vehicles while on the road during the later hours. While in reverse, these lights also assist in being able to see where your trailer is behind you while backing up and using your rear view mirrors. This Style of Light is most commonly seen mounted along the Trailer Frame, directly to the frame material, whether it be I-Beam, or C-Channel. This light self grounds to the frame of the trailer using a single Zinc Plated mounting stud located on the back side of the light. It's always important to make sure you have a clean, strong ground when installing trailer lights, especially on Cargo or Utility trailers that have a painted frame. 

It's also important to note that this particular Incandescent Light is not designed or recommended to be installed on Boat or Jet Ski trailers. This light is non-submersible, meaning this is NOT a sealed unit made for Marine applications. Please take a look at our Led Option for a submersible version of this light.

- Single Stud Installation
- Incandescent
- Self Grounding

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