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Amber LED ID Light Bar Replacement Snap In Light

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Amber LED ID Light Bar Replacement Snap In Light
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If you're looking for a amber colored replacement LED light for the ID light bar on your utility or boat trailer, this 573 series bracket light replacement could be exactly what you are looking for! This snap-in amber LED light serves as a replacement light for trailer identification light bars. The light has a 2 prong mount wiring hookup, which allows you to snap the light right back into the ID bar to replace damaged or burned out bulbs. This 573 series light bracket replacement has 2 amber LEDs that shine through the amber lens. The LED light will last longer than a standard incandescent bulb and is easy to install onto your trailer light bar by aligning the two female prongs and snapping the light into place to replace the old light. This light can be used in either single brackets for side marker lights, or as three in a row on a trailer identification bar.

- Amber LED Replacement Light
- 2 1/2" Length, 1 1/4" Height, 7/8" Depth
- 2 Prong Wired
- Fits 573 series Brackets

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