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7000 lb Capacity Trailer Axle 95" Hub Face Round Tube Straight Beam

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7000 lb Capacity Trailer Axle 95" Hub Face Round Tube Straight Beam


U Bolt Leaf Spring Mounting Kit (+$20.46)
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This Painted Steel Round Trailer Axle has a carrying capacity of 7,000 lbs. This is a listing for the Axle beam only. The Hubs are available separately. The Spindles are welded into the beam of the Axle as pictured.  These 7000 lb Round Steel Trailer Axles are made of round steel tubing that measures 3 inches in diameter and has 1/4" wall thickness. This 7000 lb Painted Steel Trailer Axle will typically use 6 Lug or 8 Lug Trailer Hubs or Brake Drums.

This 7,000 lb Trailer Axle has #42 tapered spindles that use the following bearing sizes and grease seal size:

Inner Bearing – 25580 with 1 3/4 inch inner diameter

Outer Bearing- 15123 (6 Lug), 67048 (6 Lug), or 14125A (8 Lug) with or 1 1/4 inch inner diameter

Grease Seal- 2.25 inches inner diameter

Each 7,000 lb Painted Steel Trailer Axle we sell is equipped with the Standard 5 Hole Brake Flange for mounting Trailer Brakes.  The Castle Nut and Spindle Washer are included with the axle. Some of our Painted Steel Trailer Axles come with Pre-Mounted Spring Seats for specific measurements. The Axles listed without pre-mounted spring seats will include the spring seats for you, the customer to weld to your specific measurements.  It is very important that you do not weld your spring seats outside the range listed. Using an axle to long may cause a leverage issue, leading to pre-mature bending or damaging to the ends of the axle. An axle that is to short will cause the tires to rub on the frame of the trailer.  

Check the Hub Face Measurement and overall measurement below, as well as the if the Axle comes with pre-mounted spring seats.

Hub face measures: 95 inches

                -Hub Face measurement refers to the outside face measurement, from one trailer hub across the axle to the outside face of the trailer hub across from it. This is also referred to as the Center of Tire Measurement, or Track Measurement

Brake Flange Measurement: 86 inches

                -Refers to the Outside of One Brake Flange across the Axle to the Outside of the opposing Brake Flange

Overall length measures: 101 inches

Spring Seat Are Not Welded to the Axle (but are included)

Spring Seats need to be welded on the axle with the centers measuring between 78 inches to 81 inches. Using Spring centers outside this range will effect the strength and fit of the axle on your trailer. If you need to find a better fit axle check our other listings or contact us for assistance. 

Spring Seat Location: Included Spring Seats can be welded for Over Slung or Under Slung Leaf Springs.

Boat Trailer Axle Kit To Do List:
  Leaf Spring U-Bolt Mounting Kits - Another commonly rusted out component that is ideally replaced while replacing your trailers axle, these kits mount your new axle to your trailers leaf springs. 
Boat Trailer Leaf Springs - If your Leaf Springs are badly rusted or broken, this is the best time to replace them, with a brand new axle and U Bolt Kit, replacing Leaf Springs in Pairs will yield the best results. 
Trailer Leaf Spring Bolts- If your Leaf springs are badly rusted, their is a great chance your Spring Bolts are also, this is the ideal time to replace them with new Mounting Bolts.  
 Boat Trailer Leaf Spring Shackles- These shackles are the connectors for Double Eye Leaf Springs and are crucial for providing proper suspension and stability.
 Boat Trailer Hubs - Hubs are the working and moving portion of your suspension system, having new bearings and hubs with your new axle provides maximum performance and longer life for your trailer. 
 Boat Trailer Dust Caps - Dust Caps protect your wheel bearings from debris,keep grease contained, and allow the functionality of maintaining your wheel bearings. 
 Boat Trailer Lug Nuts- Good quality lug nuts prevent stud corrosion and allow for easy tire changing, available in solid stainless steel as well. 

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