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7 Conductor Cable for Trailer Manufacturing, Sold by the Foot

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7 Conductor Cable for Trailer Manufacturing, Sold by the Foot
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This listing is for custom-cut 7-way trailer wiring for RV trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers; featuring heavy-duty groups of 14 Gauge and 12 Gauge Wires covered by a flexible PVC Outer Jacket for Protection.  This Trailer Wiring or Trailer Cable is stored in 500ft Rolls, you can order however much you need for your upcoming Trailer Manufacturing needs or trailer wiring project and we will cut it to one continuous length.  For example, if you add quantity 150 to your cart, you will receive one length of 150 ft.

The outer PVC Jacket and High Gauge Wires are resistant to cracking, abrasion, oil, acid, and the weather.  The Wires can be connected to whatever functions you need to use them for, but we have included common trailer uses for the different wire colors below as well as separated them by gauge.

14 Gauge:
Red - Battery
Green - Right Turn and Brake
Black - 12v Power
Yellow - Left Turn and Brake

12 Gauge:
White - Ground
Blue - Auxiliary (Brakes, Typically)
Brown -  Running Lights

- Cut to size for your order, up to 500ft
-  Heavy Duty Flexible Outer PVC Jacket
- 12 Gauge and 14 Gauge Wires

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