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1/8 Inch Aluminum Spacer Tie Plate for Boat Trailers

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1/8 Inch Aluminum Spacer Tie Plate for Boat Trailers
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This is a thin, Aluminum Tie Plate that is generally used to secure the Tongue of your Trailer in between the I-Beam of your Boat or Jet Ski Trailer. Installation of this Frame Strap is achieved by using two 1/2 Inch Diameter Bolts, bolted through the Pre-drilled 1/2 Inch diameter holes. Aluminum is a soft material, so this Tie Strap can be easily cut down and drilled to complete a wide variety of projects you may have. These Frame Plates are typically purchased in pairs when being used to secure your Tongue, one for the top of your I-Beam, and one for the bottom side of your I-Beam. Due to the nature of the material, Rust and Corrosion won't be a factor. If you would like to maximize your level of corrosion resistance, Stainless Steel Hardware is recommended when installing this product. While this may not be a direct replacement of your Frame Plates, it's definitely an option if you're looking for a 1/8 Inch Thick Frame Strap for your Boat or Jet Ski Trailer. 

This Tie Shackle measures 11 Inches overall, is 1/8" thick, and features two, 1/2 inch Pre Drilled holes that are 6 1/2" Inches apart on center. If you find this plate to be too thin, we also stock a 3/8" Thick Spacer Plate that can be used as a Heavy Duty alternative to this Plate if it isn't thick enough for your project. If this isn't exactly what you're interested in, please feel free to browse our Mounting Plates and Shackles section to see if we have what you're looking for!

- Aluminum Construction
- 11 inches overall
- 1/8" Thick
- 1/2 Inch Pre Drilled Holes

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